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Ilumius: A passionate creative team

Free Affinity Photo Tutorials - Free Photography Tutorials
Free Affinity Photo Tutorials - Free Photography Tutorials

Ilumius is a small group with a passion for photography. It aims to provide quality Online and Offline creative training.

Free Affinity Photo Tutorials - Free Photography Tutorials

Creative training for everyone

Courses you really enjoy watching

When creating Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography courses, we make sure they are fun, and human, and full of information in simple language. We hate the “boring lessons” that are boring, full of technical jargon and …. “Japanese”! The purpose of our courses is not to impress you with our knowledge but to help you become better quickly, easily and fun. It’s like learning from a friend!

Become a member of our warm and friendly creative family

At Ilumius, in addition to quality photography lessons, we aim to build a warm and friendly photographic community where every photographer will feel comfortable in it, regardless of their level. So he can learn and discover his artistic side without fear.

Affordable creative training for everyone

We believe that everyone has the right to quality photographic education. That’s why we keep our prices at extremely affordable levels, and we also offer many different ways to purchase our creative courses.

We evolve with you

We continuously upgrade our academy with new features and content, based solely on our community feedback. We continue to operate this way, as we consider ourselves to be one large creative family that is evolving as a whole.

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