Amazing colors with one click using luts. Affinity Photo Tutorial

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In today’s Affinity Photo free tutorial will show you how to transform your photo’s colors using the power of LUT’s and how to get 5 PRO Luts for Free!

I bet you have seen a lot of photos with amazing colors in Instagram and on social media in general and you wonder how photographers achieve these results and how they manage to make their colors look so amazing. 

Well today I am going to show you how, and how you can do it yourself! 

Ιn today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial I will show you how use the power of LUT’s in order to create beautiful and elegant color grades with just a few clicks. 

I will also give you the opportunity to get 5 PRO LUTS for FREE, courtesy of 

You can grab them for free by clicking here.  

So watch today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial learn what LUT’s are, how they work and why they are the secret weapon of pro’s from around the world for quick and amazing color grades. 

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