An effective sharpening technique for Affinity Photo

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In today’s Affinity Photo free tutorial I will show you how to apply sharpening to your photos, to specific areas in order to bring out amazing levels of details!

Do you feel that your photos are not sharp enough? Are your photos less sharp when you post them on social media? Are you thinking that your lenses and cameras are to blame?

Well stop what you are doing right now because I am going to show you how to create photos with amazing details.

Ιn today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial I demonstrate how you can use one of Affinity Photo’s best sharpening tools and how to apply sharpening to the areas that really need to be sharp, while protecting other crucial areas like the out of focus background.

So watch today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial and learn how to take advantage of all the detail your gear can capture and remains hidden!

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