FREE AFFINITY PHOTO TUTORIAL: Create AMAZING sunset photos with this Affinity Photo Tutorial

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Stratos Agiani in today’s Affinity Photo free tutorial will show you how to take your sunset photos to the next cinematic level! 

Sometimes our cameras cannot capture the full glory of a sunset as we see it with our own eyes. That’s a fact. But thankfully we can achieve the colors, light and drama we experienced when we were on location, with the help of Affinity Photo. 

In today’s free  Affinity Photo tutorial I am going to show you how to retouch and edit your sunset photos in a non-destructive way, in order to be able to elevate your photos into cinematic and dramatic masterpieces! 

So watch today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter because each week we publish new free tutorials that you don’t want to miss. 


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