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Learn how to create amazing cinematic black and white portraits from any shot, using Affinity Photo and its native tools

Dear members of our creative family.

I am extremely happy to announce that we just published and we are giving away for free our first Affinity Photo course.

In this Affinity Photo course I will teach you how to create amazing cinematic black and white portraits for maximum impact. I will show you all the techniques you need to know, in a fun way, and also in simple language using a step by step process.

And yes, completely free.

Why so you might ask? What is the catch;

Actually there is no catch. Photographers around the globe have been hit during these strange times we live in so we want to help anyway we can. We start by making this course completely free and we will have more resources available during the next few weeks to help the photo community any way we can.


So it’s Free? Really?

Yes. It is and will forever be free. You get unlimited access and you can re-watch the course as many times as you like.

Sounds Amazing! When and how do I get access?

You can get access immediately. all you have to do is sign up using the form below and you will receive all the details on how to access the course. As simple as that.

Fill the form to get started!

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