How to create cinematic moody portraits. Affinity Photo Tutorial

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In today’s Affinity Photo free tutorial I will show you how to edit your portraits in order to give them a cinematic look and how to get 5 PRO Luts for Free!

Natural light portraits can sometimes feel “flat”. This is totally ok if you are going for this specific look.

But what if you need to create portraits with a little more dimension and cinematic look without using flash?

Well today I am going to show you how!

Ιn today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial I will show you how use a few simple techniques in order to turn your flat portraits into cinematic masterpieces.

You can also get 5 PRO LUTS for FREE, courtesy of in order to complete the edit with an amazing color grade!

You can grab them for free by clicking here.

So watch today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial and learn how to create cinematic portraits from scratch!

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