Raw Edit 004 – Create Breathtaking drone photos Affinity Photo

Today I am going to show you a drone RAW file edit with Affinity Photo that will blow your mind!

Affinity Photo is amazing for editing RAW files. It has the tools that can take full advantage of the detail and information a RAW file can capture and brig them to the surface, with amazing results.

So, in today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial I am going to show you a full RAW file edit from a photo that I took with my DJI Mini 2. We will start the edit from the Develop persona and then we will move into Affinity Photo to create an impressive aerial shot.

Of course, the techniques that you will see in this free tutorial are ideal for ANY kind of photos.

So, watch today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial and learn how to edit your RAW files like a PRO!


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