Raw Edit 010: Autumn Landscape edit with Affinity Photo

In today’s episode / free Affinity Photo Tutorial I will show you from start to finish how I edited a RAW landscape autumn scenery!


Hello everyone!

We are on FIRE with our RAW full edit series! Since you love them so much I created another one in which I will show you how I edited a landscape photo of one of the most iconic destinations in Greece, using Affinity Photo.

Once again, I will show you all the steps that I took in the Develop persona in order to breath some life into the photo and make the initial adjustments.

As usual, once I am done with the Develop Persona I will bring the photo in Affinity Photo and I will use it’s native tools in order to complete my edit.

This workflow is 100% nondestructive and you will be able to customize it in order to fit your very own style of shooting and editing.

As usual these results are achievable using native Affinity Photo tools, without plugins or external tools.

So, enjoy today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial and master the art of Landscape editing!

Skills you will learn:

  • How to save a flat photo in Develop Persona by bringing back color and detail
  • How to do local adjustments that will draw the attention of the viewer to your subject
  • How to create amazing skies
  • How to erase and retouch unwanted objects
  • How to create amazing fall colors
  • And many more




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