Raw Edit 016: Long exposure photography editing tricks

In today’s episode / free Affinity Photo Tutorial I will show you from start to finish how I edited a long exposure of an iconic place from my hometown and how I managed to further transform it into an amazing epic photo!


Hello everyone!

We all have interesting places at our hometowns that we probably have shot a million times to death. I know because I have done so myself.

To the point that I truly believed that there is no way I can shoot one of the most iconic castles of my hometown in an interesting way.

Until one day I went down for a photo walk, during one of those rare occasions that I had a free hour ( Yes miracles do happen ). During that hour the clouds gave an amazing show and I managed to take a few interesting shots.

OF course shooting is only half of the story. Editing is the other half. So in this free Affinity Photo Tutorial I am going to show you not only how I took this photo ( settings, gear etc ) but also how I edited the RAW file in order to get some amazing results.

As always, I will start in the Develop persona to make some adjustments and after that I will dive into Affinity photo where I will complete the edit using adjustment layers and a few practical tricks that will take the photo to the next level.

This workflow is 100% nondestructive and you will be able to customize it to fit your very own style of shooting and editing.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to prepare a photo in the Develop persona
  • How to bring more details to the surface from the highlights of your photo
  • How to color grade your photos in order to give them a cinematic vibe and mood
  • How to use various adjustment layers and make them work together in harmony
  • How to relight your photo for more impact
  • How to take long exposure photos
  • And many more




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