Raw Edit 017: Tricks to make colors pop with Affinity Photo

In today’s episode / free Affinity Photo Tutorial I will show how to use the Develop persona and Affinity Photo in order to make the colors in your photos POP!


Hello everyone!

Spring is FINALLY here in Greece and there are hundreds of photo subjects for us to discover and capture!

One of my favorite subjects to shoot during this season is flower / tree details. The problem though sometimes is that the colors simply are not at their best. Sometimes the light is not ideal, sometimes the camera’s light meter messes things up, or we as photographers use the wrong settings.

But fear no more because today I have an AMAZING free Affinity photo tutorial for you that will BLOW YOUR MIND and also help you create amazing colors and save underexposed shots, fast.

As always, I will start in the Develop persona to make some adjustments and after that I will dive into Affinity photo where I will complete the edit using adjustment layers and a few practical tricks that will take the photo to the next level.

This workflow is 100% nondestructive and you will be able to customize it to fit your very own style of shooting and editing.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to prepare a photo in the Develop persona
  • How to INSTANTLY improve the colors in your photos
  • How to bring more details to the surface from the highlights of your photo
  • How to use the HUE SATURATION LUMINANCE adjustment to make your colors pop
  • How to use various adjustment layers and make them work together in harmony
  • How to relight your photo for more impact
  • And many more



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Stratos Agiani

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