Go from simple and flat jewellery photos to cinematic scroll stoppers for social media with Lightroom!

Stratos Agiani · October 9, 2020

Learn how to use Lightroom in order to be able to create cinematic jewellery photos for social media advertisements and promotions, while winning new clients along the way. 


Cinematic Editing techniques designed for breathtaking results that will help your clients products stand out on social media, while helping you win local and regional e-commerce clients. 

 As you allready know E-commerce is on the rise and online sales through social media go through the roof. It is no surprise that many jewellery businesses ( from high end to small handmade jewellery shops )  are looking for effective ways to promote their products on Facebook & Instagram. 

In this course Stratos Agiani is going to show you his simple but mind blowing Lightroom techniques that will enable you to create amazing photos that can be taken with minimal gear. 

Lets face it. Simple jewelery photos on pure white background will not cut it on social media. Everyone will scroll past them. This means wasted money and effort for both the client and the photographer. So what is the solution? Keep reading! 

We have found that simple photos can be transformed into cinematic and dramatic images that can stop the user from scrolling away. This means that  

  • The user will see the jewel  
  • Then will probably go to your clients eshop, website, profile etc 
  • And finally ask for information and for prices 

Why? Because we create photos that stand out of the crowd and draw attention! 

So our clients are happy and we get even more work and refferals from them because if this. 


I hope that you can now understand that this course is not only about photo editing but also about developing your business and winning new clients because of your editing style. 

No expensive gear is required to get great results for social media 

In this tutorial Stratos Agiani is using photos that were taken with simple means under natural light on purpose. Why? Because you need to be able to work fast and smart, without having to depend on expensive gear. 

Of course these techniques work even with expensive gear but it’s not a requirement to get the results we will show you. 

Who is this course for 

This course is for photographers that want to start or sharpen their skills in cinematic jewelry photography editing for social media. It is also ideal for photographers that need a super-fast workflow in order to reduce editing time and also increase production turnaround. 

  Requirements to take this course 

You will need to have Lightroom Classic installed and also know the basic usage and tools of the software. No need to worry too much though because Stratos will show everything in a step by step manner, with many details in a simple to understand language. 

Stratos Agiani, in this extremely detailed course holds nothing back. He will show you his full Lightroom editing workflow, from light manipulation, color manipulation, light shaping, sharpening etc. 

The following topics will be covered in this course 

  • How to start simple and work your way up 
  • How to edit when shooting indoors with natural light 
  • How to manipulate light to get a flash / strobe like effect 
  • How to manipulate colors to create impressive photos for social media 
  • How to quickly edit multiple files saving hours of editing 
  • How to use local adjustment tools to create cinematic photos 
  • How to solve common problems 
  • The mindset you must have while editing for social media 
  • What is important for social media editing and what is not 
  • How to promote your work to find new clients that will love your style 
  • How each show was taken and with what settings / gear 


About Instructor

Stratos Agiani

Stratos Agiani is an awarded photographer, artist and educator His work has been exhibited in London, New York and Greece. He is training online more than 12.000 photographers ( both amateurs and professionals ) on the art of photography and photo editing,

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