Free tutorial by Lindsay Adler ” Seeing the Light – How to Read and Decode Lighting “

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Lindsay Adler, the well known portrait and fashion photographer is offering for free for the next 30 days an extremely useful video tutorial Calles “Seeing The Light – How To Read and Decode Lighting”

This is a must view tutorial that will help you understand how light works and how to control it.

As Lindsay mentions

This free gift is a video tutorial and accompanying download — entitled “Seeing the Light – How to Read and Decode Lighting” and will be available for free viewing for the next 30 days.

The topic has served me well for years and helped me understand how to visually decode lighting, how it falls on a subject, what modifiers were used and how to reverse engineer a photo.

We all need to be giving right now, and this is something I have to offer.

You can find the tutorial by clicking here.

Happy learning!


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